"Marine Bunker" LLC, tanks for storage of oil are new modern transshipment complex with latest technology, equipped with all necessary communications. They all act in accordance with all requirements to modern transshipment complex and subject to specific land use, eco-friendly environmental audit scheme for the development of the railway track, traffic flows and the possibility for further expansion.


"Marine Bunker" LLC focuses on multimodal transport of containerized goods, whose share in the overall structure of the world market of transport services is constantly growing. In 2013, "Marine Bunker" LLC started to provide services Freight forwarding by using the universal rolling stock. Depending on customer needs, the range of the goods transported may be supplemented with goods, resistant to weathering. "Marine Bunker" LLC employs about 10,000 rail tank cars for transportation of light, dark and viscous oil and 8,600 tanks for liquefied petroleum gas.


"Marine Bunker" LLC petroleum storage depots Service is a state-of-the-art service center for maintenance and repair of tanks intended for the carriage of liquefied gases (LPG). The favorable geographical location helps our clients optimize their travel expenses related to the delivery of cars for repair stations, auto repair shops by means of the proximity of railways North, Gorky and Kronstadt. Annually "Marine Bunker" LLC Tech supports about 5,300 tank-wagons.



"Marine Bunker" LLC operate oil terminal in different commercial sea port in Russia, Rotterdam in Europe and USA.


These terminals are equipped with the ultra-modern facilities which intake crude oil and all kind of oil & gas products from railway tank cars, sea tankers, and pipeline, each of our terminal is been supported by our own up-date laboratory for oil products quality and quantity control.



"Marine Bunker" LLC ship with it owned vessels of different types and also chartered vessels as well as the vessels owned by our affiliated, related and associated companies.


Due to high demands of cargoes carried by "Marine Bunker" LLC updates its transporting fleet. Thus, three newly vessels were built by "Marine Bunker" LLC which are currently operating in the Company’s regular lines.


Railway transportation is one of the fast and cheapest, most reliable and most convenient means of freight forwarding in terms of high volume cargoes shipped in long distances. With the intervention of our competitive team of professionals approve the effective and convenient solutions in handling, packaging and safe storage. For oversized cargo rail transit system is the most beneficial as it has a higher capacity and a lower transports cost.