About us

"Marine Bunker" LLC is an independent company with the main goal of providing storage tank facilities and transportation of petroleum, with several locations all over the Russian, Netherlands and USA. We have developed our services and are at the fore front in the design and maintenance of high quality tank storage facilities modernization and sea transportation of petroleum products.


"Marine Bunker" LLC was the first company, which completed in the framework of the comprehensive reconstruction of its tank farms. Modernization of the "Marine Bunker" LLC  tank farm base significantly increased the efficiency of production processes, reduce costs and increased storage quantity of fuel this also increase the level of safety of the facility. Automated Systems: introduced a system of commercial accounting of oil products, self-service drivers has reduced the time of shipment of petroleum products tripled, new software eliminates the inaccuracies in the shipment volumes of fuel.


Much attention is paid to safety during the renovation, technological and environmental reliability. Established a comprehensive emergency protection sensors, controls the composition of the air and limiting the level of fuel in the tanks, automatic fire extinguishing system. Commissioning the installation of vapor recovery minimized the level of hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere, using the most modern system of sealed bottom loading.


Reconstruction of tank farms and construction of new facilities - priority projects of "Marine Bunker" LLC. Proper maintenance of the tank farm base can guarantee the safety of the amount and quality of fuel, as well as making labor more technological professionals and skilled. The first year of operation of the "Marine Bunker" LLC after reconstruction demonstrates that due to the almost complete automation of object sets a new standard in the industry, both in efficiency and safety, and level of service as a whole. The experience gained will be used in the reconstruction of tank farms other companies.


"Marine Bunker" LLC is engaged in transshipment and storage of oil products. The assets of the company tank farms in all Russia port terminals. "Marine Bunker" LLC has a large volume of the tank farm, transport infrastructure development, technological equipment for transshipment of light oil and fuel oil in the rail, road and river transport, as well as storage facilities for packaged products. At the sites the company has well-developed quality control system and the safety of oil.

"Marine Bunker" LLC - a strategic object in its region, located near several refineries, where the fuel enters the tank farm by pipeline.


The combined volume of the tank storage facilities is above 14,6m metric tons per year, the volume of transshipment – 9,9m metric tons per year. Power tank farm allows us to serve hundreds of tanker trucks a day.