"Marine Bunker" LLC is an independent company with the main goal of providing storage tank facilities and transportation of petroleum, with several locations all over the Russian, Netherlands and USA. We have developed our services and are at the fore front in the design and maintenance of high quality tank storage facilities modernization and sea transportation of petroleum product"Marine Bunker" LLC was the first company, which completed in the framework of the comprehensive reconstruction of its tank farms. Modernization of the "Marine Bunker" LLC  tank farm base significantly increased the efficiency of production processes, reduce costs and increased storage quantity of fuel this also increase the level of safety of the facility. Automated Systems: introduced a system of commercial accounting of oil products, self-service drivers has reduced the time of shipment of petroleum products tripled, new software eliminates the inaccuracies in the shipment volumes of fuel.


Much attention is paid to safety during the renovation, technological and environmental reliability. Established a comprehensive emergency protection sensors, controls the composition of the air and limiting the level of fuel in the tanks, automatic fire extinguishing system. Commissioning the installation of vapor recovery minimized the level of hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere, using the most modern system of sealed bottom loading.




"Marine Bunker" LLC operates in the area of storage facilities and providing logistics solutions. Handling the entire logistics chain for its customers, the company has major storage facilities strategically at several locations in the Russia, Netherlands and USA. with a total capacity over 10,900,000 cubic metres, its facilities allow the handling of a highly diversified base of products, including petrochemical and jet fuel, base oils, Virgin D6 Fuel Oil products, crude oil and gasoline.


"Marine Bunker" LLC ships all kinds of petroleum products with their own vessel consists of different tanker vessel and modern tanker trucks handle transportation by road and sea. Some locations also provide railway terminals for loading and unloading oils and liquid fuel. "Marine Bunker" LLC is a strong and reliable partner for storage tank companies and transportation of petroleum products worldwide.


"Marine Bunker" LLC, tanks for storage of oil are new modern transshipment complex with latest technology, equipped with all necessary communications. They all act in accordance with all requirements to modern transshipment complex and subject to specific land use, eco-friendly environmental audit scheme for the development of the railway track, traffic flows and the possibility for further expansion.


"Marine Bunker" LLC focuses on multimodal transport of containerized goods, whose share in the overall structure of the world market of transport services is constantly growing. In 2013, "Marine Bunker" LLC started to provide services Freight forwarding by using the universal rolling stock. Depending on customer needs, the range of the goods transported may be supplemented with goods, resistant to weathering. "Marine Bunker" LLC employs about 10,000 rail tank cars for transportation of light, dark and viscous oil and 8,600 tanks for liquefied petroleum gas.